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Am I at Risk?

Risk to be Abused in a Relationship

Am I at Risk to be Abused in a Relationship …because of the following risk factors:

Personal and Family Problems:

• Living in a household where relationships rely on power & control over others
• Low family income
• Family stress related to unemployment
• Low self-esteem
• Emotional insecurity
• Use of alcohol and illegal drugs
• Family history of physical abuse
• Angry and hostile attitudes in household
• Dependency on others for happiness
• Belief in males dominating females
• Poor school performance
• Aggressive or delinquent behavior as a teen
• Depression
• Having few friends and being isolated from other people
• Observing a parent being physically or emotionally abused
• Being a victim of physical discipline as a child
• Being neglected by a parent as a child

Problems in Your Community and Society:

• Living in a low income area; overcrowded neighborhoods
• High levels of domestic violence in the community
• Poor response from neighbors to community violence
• Society views that girls and women should be submissive to boys and men

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